November 23, 2017
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Check out the Time Ain’t Up video from Kaya Kenyatta. The track discusses the importance and power of believing in oneself when faced with adversity and how the actions of those with power should not determine whether or not we succeed. When the crash happened, the majority struggled, but some benefitted through their reckless behaviour, potentially contributing to the cause of the problem without facing up to the repercussions. The story in the music video taps into this inequality from the perspective of the underdog where a top executive of a firm, who, is purely looking out for himself, treats 3 employees unfairly by exploiting his position for his own selfish means. The 3 employees standing up for themselves is essentially a metaphor for not allowing the actions of others prevent you from pursuing your dreams. If people cannot see the value in you it’s their loss, not yours and maybe the experience was actually a sign to wake up to the reality of the situation and help you reassess if the path you chose is the right one.  This is illustrated in the last line of the song, which is: ‘Even though you think you got the best of me, it’s clearly not my destiny, rather be footloose and fancy free, don’t foresee me to be your prodigy.

Watch the Video below